Kevin Holland details how he helped rescue man in overturned 18-wheeler: “I ripped the door open”

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UFC welterweight Kevin Holland has continued his journey to becoming a real-life superhero.

Last October, ‘Big Mouth’ reportedly stopped a carjacking in his neighborhood. Holland apparently saw a man breaking into a car and chased him down. He then subdued the man until police were able to arrive.

Earlier this year, Holland stopped yet another crime. This time, when a man opened fire in a Houston bar, the welterweight stepped in with another man. Holland then knocked the gun out of the shooter’s hand and placed him in a rear-naked choke.

Somehow, Kevin Holland has helped another member of the public. The 29-year-old detailed how he helped rescue a man from an overturned tractor trailer on The Writer vs. The Fighter podcast.

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Kevin Holland, UFC 272
Kevin Holland wins at UFC 272

“I’m driving the Regal, the old school, kind of like my Batmobile,” Holland explained. “Everyone knows Batman is my favorite character, that’s probably why I intervene in all of these things. I’m driving down the road, enjoying some good old 80s and 90s music, just cruising. It’s fast but it’s cruising, and then I look over to the right-hand side and this guy looked like he was trying to get on the freeway pretty quick.” (h/t MMAFighting)

Kevin Holland continued, “I looked back straight. I looked back to the right hand side and he’s sliding sideways. I’m like gosh. I pull the Regal over, glad I put the new brakes on there. Hopped out, ran over there, jumped on top, ripped the door open, got the guy out… When I was young, I wanted to be a superhero so you’ve got to be careful what you ask for. You ask for certain things and they start to happen and you wonder why these things are happening — you’ve got to be careful what you ask for.”

What do you think about Kevin Holland’s recent rescue?

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