Justin Gaethje to Conor McGregor: “Kamaru Usman will f*cking kill you”

By Adam Martin - April 25, 2021

UFC lightweight contender Justin Gaethje sent a message to Conor McGregor, telling the superstar that Kamaru Usman would beat him in a fight.

Justin Gaethje

On Saturday night at UFC 261, Usman earned another successful title defense when he knocked out rival Jorge Masvidal in the second round of their welterweight title fight. It was an amazing win by Usman and proved once again that he’s the top dog in the UFC at 170lbs. The day after the fight, McGregor took to his social media to say that he wants to go up to welterweight later this year after winning the lightweight belt. McGregor has called out Usman in the past and it’s no surprise to see him the Irishman doing so once again.

In response to seeing what McGregor said about Usman, his teammate Gaethje came to his defense and told McGregor that Usman would kill him if they ever met inside the Octagon.

Gaethje: Dooooo it. All bark @USMAN84kg will f*cking kill you. At least you will get knocked out when your the mean McNuggets

McGregor has previously competed at welterweight three times in the UFC, but all three of those fights were against lightweights in fights where no one had to cut weight. He did beat Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz, but he also lost to Diaz at the weight. In general, McGregor has been a great fighter at 145lbs and 155lbs during his UFC career, but moving up to 170lbs against someone who is strong of a grappler as Usman is sounds like a tough matchup. McGregor will always have the puncher’s chance against anyone he fights, but in general it seems like a bad idea for him to move up to welterweight to fight Usman.

Do you agree with Justin Gaethje that Kamaru Usman would destroy Conor McGregor?

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