Jose Aldo hits back at critics after letting former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro stay at his house: “I don’t give a damn”

By Josh Evanoff - January 20, 2023

Former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has hit back at critics over his friendship with Jair Bolsonaro.

‘Junior’ retired from MMA last year and was later released from his UFC contract. While nothing has been made official, he’s expected to make his professional boxing debut next month in Brazil.

While that recent news delighted fans of the Brazilian legend, it hasn’t been all good feedback. Last month, Aldo made headlines for letting former president Jair Bolsonaro stay at his home in Florida. The former politician fled Brazil in late December, having recently lost his bid for reelection to Lula da Silva to avoid legal complications.

Those legal complications stemmed from his remaining weeks in office, when he disregarded the results of the election, stating it was rigged. Beyond the election denial, Bolsonaro has long been a controversial figure in Brazil for his misogynistic and homophobic comments.

Jose Aldo discussed the pushback received for his friendship with Jair Bolsonaro in a recent interview with Flow Podcast. There, he made it clear that he was not too bothered by the criticism.

Jose Aldo, Rob Font

Image Credit: @UFC/Twitter

Jose Aldo responds to critics over his friendship with Jair Bolsonaro

“People who are against it will beat me. But my move wasn’t thinking about that. Everything you do in your life has its bonuses,” Aldo stated. “The street is always crowded. What about people wanting to rent the house that calls me all day long? There are people who think very small and do not grasp the vision of the business. I saw the deal. I don’t think about whether it’s left or right. At the same time as the Minions room, I want to put a plaque there, ‘Here is the president of Brazil.’ (h/t MMA News)

He continued, “America has a lot of that. In Las Vegas, I like to stay in the room where Elvis [Presley] stayed. Everyone will want to stay in the same house as the president. ‘Nego’ will feel important too. A Brazilian with a very small mind does not see the business side,” Aldo continued. “I don’t give a damn if they’re going to say A, B or C.”

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