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Jon Jones pleads guilty to DWI, receives house arrest but no jail time

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has pleaded guilty to his recent arrest for DWI, and as part of the deal, he will not serve any jail time.

TMZ reported the details of Jones’ deal with the prosecutors in New Mexico. It’s worth noting that the deal has been agreed to but a judge needs to sign off on it still. The deal will see Jones plead guilty to the DWI charge but as part of the deal, his charges for negligent use of a firearm and open alcohol containers in his vehicle will be dropped.

As part of the deal, Jones will not be required to serve any jail time. Instead, he will be required to serve 96 hours in a community custody program. TMZ reports this is similar to house arrest, where he will have to wear an ankle monitor. He will be given a one-year supervised probation instead, as well.

Jones will also have to complete a minimum of 90 days in a patient outreach program, pay fines, and complete 48 hours of community service. Jones will also be required to install an ignition interlock device on his vehicle, meaning that he will be required to pass a breathalyzer before his vehicle will start.

“His attorney and Mr. Jones have been made aware that if he fails to do this, the State will seek to impose the balance of any jail time without regard for any exceptional circumstances,” New Mexico officials said.

Jones will also be allowed to use medical marijuana during his probation.

All in all, it seems like the best possible outcome for Jones, who was looking at potential jail time between his DWI and gun charge. With no jail time, he will be able to resume his MMA career whenever the coronavirus pandemic ends. However, the UFC could still opt to punish Jones further pending an internal investigation.

Do you think Jon Jones was punished fairly?

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