John McCarthy guarantees ‘absolute loser’ Jon Jones will go to jail after recent arrest

By Adam Martin - March 30, 2020

Big John McCarthy said that he guarantees Jon Jones will serve jail for his recent DWI arrest and called the light heavyweight champion “an absolute loser.”

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The long-time MMA official was a police officer in Los Angeles before he became the most important referee in mixed martial arts history. On the latest edition of the “Weighing In” podcast, McCarthy lashed out at Jones, saying that he guarantees he will go to jail after his recent arrest for a DWI and negligent use of a firearm. He went so far as to call Jones a loser.

“Oh, he’s going to go. On this, guaranteed he’s going to have time that he’s sitting in a cell,” McCarthy said.

“When you do the fight game, you show how good you are. You are the yin and yang when it comes to your life and your fight ability. You are a world champion inside the cage. Outside the cage, you’re an absolute loser.”

McCarthy said that he believes the UFC should not only strip Jones of his belt but outright cut him. If that happens, McCarthy says he plans to go to Bellator president Scott Coker and convince him not to sign Jones.

“If I was in charge of the UFC, I would cut him. Not only would I take his title, I would cut him. And I’m telling you this Josh, straight up, if Bellator wanted to sign him, I would do everything I could to say, ‘Why are you doing that, don’t even think about it.’ Because all he’s going to do is bring you bad press. What he brings to the cage, in the end, is not going to be worth what he’s going to bring to you on the outside. Because put it this way, he’s been lucky because he hasn’t hurt somebody. And I don’t think Jon wants to hurt somebody. But he’s putting himself in positions of where he’s not in control of his faculties to the point where what happens if he hits somebody and they die?” McCarthy said.

Podcast co-host Josh Thomson also mentioned that when he was a minor he was given 45 days in jail for firing a gun within city limits, and he learned his lesson from it. McCarthy said Jones is facing 90 days for the gun charge in New Mexico. On the DWI charge, Thomson gave Jones some very simple, yet much-needed advice.

“Hire a driver. You want to drink? Hire a driver and sit in the back of the car and drink,” Thomson said.

Do you think the UFC will cut Jon Jones just as John McCarthy suspects?

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