Joaquin Buckley on insane knockout kick at UFC Fight Island 5: “I call it Wakanda style”

By Adam D Martin - October 11, 2020

UFC middleweight Joaquin Buckley commented on his insane KO kick at UFC Fight Island 5, saying he calls it “Wakanda Style.”


Buckley picked up one of the most stunning knockouts in UFC history when he knocked out Impa Kasanganay with a second-round spinning back kick to the face. The KO came out of nowhere and it’s even more impressive to consider when you remember that Buckley himself was on the wrong end of a ridiculous KO from Kevin Holland in the summer.

Following UFC Fight Island 5, reporters asked Buckley where the KO came from.

“I call it Wakanda style,” Buckley said (via

As for how he scored the bonus-winning KO, Buckley explained that he realized he would be able to land the kick after Kasanganay caught his first kick attempt with his other leg. Perhaps that’s the most amazing thing about this KO, that Buckley did it while off balance.

“I was conscious of it because he caught my foot the first time. I was hesitant to throw it then, but the second time was like, why not? When I threw it, I connected, I just didn’t know that I knocked him out until I seen his body go stiff and thought, ‘Oh, yeah. That’s game over,'” Buckley said.

Buckley was not a household name before this fight, and in fact, the sportsbooks pegged him as a big underdog to Kasanganay for this fight. But it only takes one moment to change somebody’s life and this is it. Not only did Buckley win a much-deserved bonus, but the KO went completely viral over the internet and it’s what everyone is talking about today. On a Sunday with no NBA, NHL, or MLB to counter the UFC, Buckley stole the show.

Where do you rank the Joaquin Buckley KO among the best knockouts ever in MMA?

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