Jake Shields reacts to news of Mike Jackson being cut by the UFC: “Now he goes back to being a nobody”

By Susan Cox - January 18, 2023

Jake Shields is reacting to the news of Mike Jackson being cut by the UFC.

Jake Shields

It was earlier this week that the UFC released Mike Jackson (1-2 MMA) from their current roster. The 37 year old welterweight last fought and lost to Pete Rodriguez (5-1 MMA) this past October at UFC Fight Night 212.

Former UFC fighter Jake Shields (33-11 MMA) is happy to see Jackson being cut by the promotion.

Shields and Jackson have a history, they had multiple heated exchanges over ‘Twitter’ concerning accusations of racism. Those tweets turned into a physical altercation at the UFC PI in Las Vegas, with the fighters having to be separated by their teams.

Jake Shields

It was during a recent interview with Helen Yee that Shields reacted to ‘The Truth’s’ release:

“I think he’s a total clown, the biggest clown of the sport, bigger than Dillon Danis. I think it made sense to release him. He had one win versus a not very good fighter. Plus, he lost to me, so that’s another loss on his record. So, it makes sense he was cut and now he goes back to being a nobody.”

Concluding and not mincing words, the 44 year old Shields said (h/t MMANews):

“He’s a weirdo. I hit his trainer up and he’s making excuses not to fight me. Sure, I would go box him in the gym. I wouldn’t do a pro boxing match with him unless they’re paying me really good money. But I’ll fight him in a gym, or for free…we already saw him cry the first time so that’s pretty unlikely.”

It’s true that after Jackson was released he spoke about a potential boxing match with Shields. Shields seems uninterested in the likelihood of that coming to fruition.

What did you think about Mike Jackson being cut by the UFC? Do you agree with Shields take on the fighter, calling him a ‘weirdo’ and a ‘nobody’?

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