Jake Shields details Mike Jackson altercation at UFC PI: “I didn’t punch him because you know, you punch men, you slap b*****s”

By Cole Shelton - December 21, 2022

Jake Shields has given his side of the altercation that took place at the UFC PI.

Jake Shields

Shields and UFC fighter Mike Jackson had been going back and forth on social media. During that time, Jackson called Shields a racist and Nazi which the former UFC title challenger did not take kindly to.

“First off, I never heard of Mike, we originally got into it on Twitter,” Shields told MMA Junkie. “He started calling me a Nazi for no reason. I had no idea who he was. Usually, I would just block someone if they called me a Nazi, but I saw he was in the fight industry. I’m extremely respected in the fight industry, everyone in the fight industry, for the most part, loves me. No one’s ever called me a racist, nor would they. So for this guy in my industry thinking he was going to get away with that, I told him, ‘When I see you, Mike, there’s going to be consequences.’”

According to Jake Shields, when he walked into the PI, he saw Mike Jackson and yelled at him to fight him. Shields said Jackson knew there would be consequences to his actions, and after some time, Jackson once again called Shields a Nazi.

After Jackson said Shields was a Nazi, Shields went over and slapped him, and threw him to the ground.

Jake Shields

“I saw him at the PI and I got in the cage, and I’m like, ‘You said you would fight me when you saw me, that I was too scared of you in my white fragility, so let’s go,’” Shields said. “He kept making excuses, saying, ‘No, we’re going to fight in Houston, my trainer already said we’d fight in Houston.’ … I tried to get him to come in and he wouldn’t come in, and then he called me a Nazi. I’m like, alright.

“I got out of the cage, went over, slapped him, picked him up, threw him on the ground, slapped him a few times. I didn’t punch him because you know, you punch men, you slap bitches. He’s such a little bitch, so I slapped him a few times. He tried to gouge my eye like a little bitch. He’s like begging saying, ‘Please someone help me, please someone get him off me.’ … I wish they would have let me slap him 30, 40 more times, but they pulled me off and that was kind of it.”

Since the altercation, Mike Jackson has said he will press charges. However, Jake Shields says he isn’t worried about that as he doesn’t think Jackson has much of a case due to the fact no injuries were sustained.

What did you make of the altercation between Jake Shields and Mike Jackson?

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