Jake Paul sends a message to “selfish” Conor McGregor

By Cole Shelton - October 27, 2022

Jake Paul has sent a message to Conor McGregor ahead of his boxing match against Anderson Silva.

Jake Paul, Conor McGregor

Paul and Silva agreed to a bet that if the YouTuber-turned-boxer defeats the former UFC champ, Silva will partner with him to help create a fighter union. Paul has been vocal in wanting to increase fighter pay in the UFC and now he’s calling on Conor McGregor to help him and Silva.

“Conor, I have a message for you. Join me and Anderson in helping these fighters. We need all the help we can get,” Paul said to TheMacLife. “You’ve been pretty selfish at this point in your whole entire career. What have you done for a lot of fighters? This would be a powerful statement for you to join. So stop it, stop running, stop hiding, stop being selfish. We need all the help we can get in making this union. Conor McGregor that’s the message, join me and Anderson Silva. It needs to be done.”

Paul and McGregor’s history

There’s no question that if McGregor were to join Paul and help him unionize UFC fighters it would be a massive help. The Irishman is the biggest star in the sport and if he were to help be the face of it, other fighters would likely join. As of right now, McGregor has yet to comment and whether or not he will is uncertain.

Jake Paul and Conor McGregor also have a history with one another as the two have taken shots at one another in the past. Along with that, Paul has called the Irishman out and has said that fight will happen in the future. But, if they can put their differences aside and help create a union it would be massive for MMA fighters.

What do you make of Jake Paul’s message to Conor McGregor?

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