Jake Paul says Ben Askren will forfeit his entire purse if he uses MMA moves in the fight, “Funky” refutes claim

Jake Paul, Ben Askren

Jake Paul says there is strict vocabulary in their contract that will prohibit Ben Askren from using any MMA tactics in their fight.

When Paul and Askren were booked, many wondered if “Funky” would accidentally shoot for a takedown or use some elbows or knees. However, according to the brash YouTuber, in the contract, if Askren does any MMA tactics in the fight, his entire purse would be forfeited.

I don’t think the fight will last long enough for him to even think about taking me down,” Paul told MMA Junkie on Wednesday. “We just signed the bout agreement days ago. He will lose his purse if he does that. … If he does do something like that, his purse is eliminated in the bout agreement. If he wants to lose all the money for the fight, then sure, go ahead. I am beating him up in wrestling shoes. He’s going to get beat up in wrestling shoes, which I think is hilarious.”

Although Paul claims this is the case, Ben Askren refutes that claim about having to forfeit his entire purse.

“This is false,” Askren wrote.

Although Jake Paul knows Ben Askren will try and use the clinch to his benefit, the YouTuber doesn’t expect that to benefit him. Instead, he’s confident he will use his jab to not let the UFC veteran get near him.

“I don’t think Ben will be able to get near me,” Paul said. “My distance control is 10 times better than his. And if he does, he’s going to get busted up on the inside. That’s one thing we really worked on in this camp is my inside fighting game. He can come in, but he’s going to get cracked. If he wants to hold me, he’s just going to be losing by points.”

What do you make of Jake Paul saying Ben Askren will forfeit his entire purse if he uses MMA moves in the fight?

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