Pro fighters make their picks for Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul boxing match

By Cole Shelton - April 14, 2021

On April 17, Ben Askren is ending his retirement to box YouTuber, Jake Paul in a highly-anticipated bout. Heading into the fight, Askren is a +145 underdog while the YouTuber is a -175 favorite.

Jake Paul, Ben Askren

Ahead of the fight, reached out to several pro fighters to get their prediction for the bout. The pros have a slight lean towards Ben Askren getting his hand raised, while some believe Paul will be able to walk through the UFC veteran. Fighter Picks Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul:

Frank Mir, former UFC heavyweight champ: Paul looks good as a boxer, he has shown some good attributes, he does have some power. However, those guys haven’t boxed before and I know Ben is a fighter and he had to learn enough striking during those fights and camps. I think Askren gets it done.

Eryk Anders, UFC middleweight: If Ben Askren loses he will let the entire MMA community down. My heart says Askren but if I was betting money, I’d pick Jake Paul because I hate to say it, he is the better boxer.

Clay Collard, Top Rank boxer & PFL lightweight: F**k this fight. Both guys shouldn’t call themselves boxers, that’s all I will say about it. No pick from me, I don’t care to pay any attention to it.

Randy Brown, UFC welterweight: Unfortunately, Jake Paul. Ben Askren is far from a boxer and Paul has looked good.

Grant Dawson, UFC lightweight: Ben Askren, and I’ll put money on it. Neither of them can box but Askren has competed at the highest level his entire life compared to someone who makes YouTube videos.

Adrian Yanez, UFC bantamweight: I have to go with Jake Paul. As much as I hate to say it, he is a better striker than Askren. However, I want Askren to shut this kid up.

Tim Elliott, UFC flyweight: I would like to think Ben Askren will win it because he is a combat sports guy, but boxing is a different sport. Just because you are good at ping pong doesn’t mean you are good at tennis. I am only picking Ben Askren because I want him to win so bad and shut Jake Paul up.

Max Griffin, UFC welterweight: Honestly, f**k this fight and both of them haha. Ben Askren sucks, like a great wrestler but a bad striker. I have to go with Jake Paul, although he is a YouTuber, he is a better striker than Askren.

Emmanuel Sanchez, Bellator featherweight: I think Ben is going to do a lot better than people will give him credit for. Social media has people convinced that Jake Paul is some world-beater and this great boxer. Ben Askren is a lifelong fighter and has taken punches from some of the hardest hitters in the sport, and training with some of the best fighters of all-time. I don’t know why people think Jake Paul will KO him as Ben has only been KO’d once in his career to Jorge Masvidal by the knee. Anyone who takes that knee is getting put to sleep. He has also never been hurt or stopped by punches, or even dropped. Ben will wear him out and prove he is the better fighter and win a decision or late TKO.

Sam Alvey, UFC middleweight: I want to say Ben Askren’s name. But, in 22 fights, he barely throws a punch. I have seen Jake Paul punch and he punches hard and has looked decent. I will say Ben but I have no confidence in him getting it done.

Jim Miller, UFC lightweight: Ben Askren is far from a striker, but I still think he wins this. He wouldn’t have survived training camps, all the fights without knowing some striking. We all haven’t seen Paul get hit and he may not like getting hit and not have the cardio to go eight rounds. I’ll go with Askren.


Fighters picking Ben Askren: Frank Mir, Grant Dawson, Tim Elliott, Emmanuel Sanchez, Sam Alvey, Jim Miller

Fighters picking Jake Paul: Eryk Anders, Randy Brown, Adrian Yanez, Max Griffin

Not picking: Clay Collard

Who do you think wins between Ben Askren and Jake Paul?

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