Jake Paul claims he’s a “better striker than 99.9%” of MMA fighters

By Cole Shelton - April 27, 2021

Jake Paul believes he’s a better striker than 99.9 percent of MMA fighters, and that is why he has been calling them out.

Jake Paul

Paul, the brash YouTuber who turned professional boxer, has taken the combat sports world by storm after his KO win over Nate Robinson. His popularity only grew with his recent KO win over Ben Askren on April 17. Since then, he has been continuing to call out MMA fighters and he says he is doing so because it is a massive draw and the fact he believes he is just better.

“I think, combining the two worlds, the biggest pay-per-view of all time was Floyd vs. Conor. That’s boxing vs. MMA, so why not keep with that model? I believe I’m a better striker than 99.9% of these MMA guys,” Jake Paul said to ESPN. “When we’re matching up from a skill, experience level, it’s even. It’s who wants it more, really, in the fight. You know, if I’m going up against these world champion boxers, who have been doing it since they were six-years-old, it’s just an unfair advantage.

Jake Paul, Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz

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“I do want to fight boxers. There’s people who I am going back and forth with about potential fights,” Paul continued. “But, I think the MMA community vs. the boxing community and, sort of, that overlap, and the people I want to knock out happen to be MMA fighters.”

Although Jake Paul has only been boxing for about three years, there is no question he’s taking it seriously. He has been training with world-class coaches and training partners in Florida, and has been in Las Vegas and California before. He also has legit KO power as he has shown, however, many MMA fighters are no doubt better strikers than Paul.

What do you make of Jake Paul saying he’s a better striker than 99.9% of MMA fighters?

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