Jake Paul “absolutely has a chance” of beating Conor McGregor in boxing, says Javier Mendez

Conor McGregor, Jake Paul, Dana White

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul “absolutely has a chance” of beating Conor McGregor in a boxing match, says rival coach Javier Mendez.

Mendez is the longtime coach of former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomeov and other top fighters at American Kickboxing Academy, so he knows combat sports inside out. In a recent interview with BetWay, Mendez was asked how he believes a boxing match between McGregor and Paul would go. According to the longtime coach, he believes Paul has several advantages in a boxing match against McGregor, and he explained why.

“Jake (Paul) has got so many advantages on Conor. Size being one of the big major ones, and the fact that he’s been boxing for three-plus years with really good boxing professionals that know what they’re doing. So no, he shouldn’t have to fear Conor whatsoever,” Mendez said. “Instead, he has to fear people like Canelo (Alvarez). He would just smash him in one round, it would be embarrassing. He hasn’t got a chance against those kinds of guys, he really should stay away from him – but against Conor, absolutely he has a chance. Looking at the two, Jake’s got big advantages in size and power. Yes, he doesn’t have fight experience but he’s been strictly just boxing for a long time now. Conor’s not been strictly boxing.”

Paul is one of the biggest stars in combat sports right now and so is McGregor, so as crazy as this fight sounds on paper, there are reasons why it could happen when McGregor returns from his broken leg. At the same time, Paul has plenty of other options for him to face in the meantime, such as a fight against fellow boxing prospect Tommy Fury.

Do you agree with Javier Mendez that Jake Paul has a chance of beating Conor McGregor in a boxing match?

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