Israel Adesanya responds to Jon Jones’ insults, suggests he is ‘coming for him’

By Natasha Hooper - January 6, 2020

2019 was a magnificent year for the current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, and he expects nothing less in 2020 and beyond. His future plans include fighting the 205-pound champion, Jon Jones. In the meantime, “The Last Stylebender” responded to the light heavyweight’s multiple insults and returned the favor.

Israel Adesanya, Kobe Bryant

Adesanya appeared on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss his 2019 accomplishments and plans for the upcoming year. Another topic on the docket was Jones, who has vocalized his disdain for Adesanya on several occasions.

“Bones” has said he can’t wait to “slap” Adesanya and has delivered many scathing attacks on Twitter, undermining the success of the middleweight.

When Helwani probed Adesanya about the mounting animosity, Adesanya seemed unscathed but nevertheless certain they will cross paths.

“If Dom [Reyes] takes out Jon [Jones], that makes no difference. What I say is going to happen is still going to happen in 2021,” he said. “We’ll see what the landscape of the year [2020] shows us.”

Adesanya intends on defending his middleweight throne first, but is unfazed by the prospect of fighting his rival at a heavier weight class and says it’s “nothing new.”

In a press conference last year, Jon Jones also called Adesanya “a p*ssy”. Adesanya responded to Helwani when asked about the comment.

“I heard ‘Oh Israel’s a p*ssy.’ How the f*ck am I a p*ssy? Do you not know I won the Ariel Helwani The Nose Fighter of the Year? P*ssys don’t win that! Hell no.”

“He can say whatever he wants to say, I can say the same thing…” Adesanya said as he unloaded a stream of profanities targeted at Jones. “…I can say whatever I want [but] it’s all words. Eventually, when we see each other, we will see each other. I still have never seen me and him in the same room together. I wonder why. But eventually, we will see each other at some point, and he’s going to have to see me like everybody else does.

“When I see him, he’ll see me, and he’ll feel me. He’ll take me in as the man that I am. All six foot four, skinny..” Adesanya said. “He’ll see me and realise ‘Oh sh*t, this guy ain’t as small as people think.’

Adesanya went on to highlight that Jones has always rooted for his opponents. Whether it was Adesanya’s title fight against Robert Whittaker or his anticipated opponent Yoel Romero, Jones has also hoped they would overthrow the undefeated middleweight.

“Why don’t you want to beat me yourself? Why do you not want to try and see me yourself?” Adesanya said. “If Dom beats him it makes no difference. I’m coming for him, I’m coming on him. You wait, in 2021, you’ll see.”

“People are going to remember you because you’re a drug cheat, you’re a steroid cheat,” Adesanya concluded. “That’s all they’re gonna remember, so my walkouts are going to be greater than his whole career. r, people are going to remember my walkouts more than his career.”

Do you think Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones will eventually settle their differences in the cage?

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