Glover Teixeira calls for UFC to “do the right thing” and suspend Jon Jones for one year

Glover Teixeira, UFC Vancouver

UFC light heavyweight contender Glover Teixeira criticized Jon Jones for his recent DUI arrest and said he wants the UFC to suspend Jones for one year.

Jones was arrested a few weeks back for a DUI and gun charges but reached a deal with prosecutors that involved house arrest but no jail time. The deal was criticized by fans and media for being too weak a punishment for a repeat offender. Most of his fellow MMA fighters have been supportive of Jones, but Teixeira has no problem throwing down the hammer on the champ.

Speaking to AG Fight, Teixeira was asked about Jones and what his punishment should be. Teixeira had some choice words about Jones and said he should be gone for one year.

“Were it up to me, he’d be out for a year. I have to look at things from my perspective, he’s already the champion, he’s financially stable. If we remove him, the line moves faster. I don’t root against him outside of the Octagon. Jon Jones f*cked up and it’s not the first time, but it’s complicated. I just hope he learns from that and doesn’t f*ck up anymore. It’s annoying. A friend of mine showed me a video of him crying when he got arrested. That made me sad. Who doesn’t make mistakes?” Teixeira said (via BloodyElbow).

The Brazilian admitted that he’s driven his vehicle after he’s had a few beers — a comment that is sure to draw a raised eyebrow — but he scolded Jones for driving while he was “hammered” and while he had a gun in his car. Teixeira believes if it was him, the UFC would have suspended him for his behavior.

“I do enjoy a drink, I’ve had a couple of beers and then went out driving before, but I was not hammered like he was. He had a bottle of tequila and a gun with him. He had to rely on his luck. I don’t know if he’s overconfident, but he has done that many times before. It gives an impression he does that all the time. If I f*cked like that, I would be punished, for sure. The UFC has to do the right thing,” Teixeira said.

Do you agree with Glover Teixeira that Jon Jones should be suspended for one year?

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