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Gilbert Burns says he could “beat the s**t” out of Nate Diaz, “even with the ‘rona”

No. 1 ranked UFC welterweight contender Gilbert Burns believes he could hand Nate Diaz a decisive loss in the Octagon, even if he’s infected with COVID-19.

Burns was expected to challenge Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title at UFC 251 this Saturday, but was regrettably forced out of the matchup when he tested positive for COVID-19. Burns was then replaced by Jorge Masvidal.

When Masvidal stepped in against Usman, Diaz took to Twitter to share his belief that this new matchup is superior the originally planned Usman vs. Burns fight.

“This is what’s wrong with people claiming they’re fighters settling for less cause they know they’re not worth s**t,” Diaz wrote when the Usman vs. Burns fight was first announced. “You should’ve fought the next guy in line not the guy who would take less cause he’s told too. That’s why no one will remember you guys. This isn’t a title fight.

“Real fights are better fights,” Diaz added when the Usman vs. Masvidal fight was confirmed.

Speaking to ESPN, Burns issued a fiery response to Diaz, accusing the Californian of “clout-chasing.”

“He’s a journeyman. I think I can beat the s**t out of Nate Diaz any day of the week,” Burns said (transcript via MMA Junkie). “Even with corona on me, I believe I can beat Nate Diaz. I can outbox him, out-grapple him, I can slap that guy up easily. The guy comes out and (makes) those comments like – I’m a real fighter too, bro. I used to respect these guys a lot, but guess what? I’m a real fighter, too. You fought Conor (McGregor) on a couple of days’ notice. I fought a Russian guy, 20-0, on a couple days’ notice.

“It bothered me a little bit, because I’m a real fighter, too.”

What do you think of this beef between Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal?

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