Daniel Cormier responds to Jorge Masvidal’s “White Knights” comments

Daniel Cormier, UFC 241, Dana White
Image: Daniel Cormier on Instagram

Former two-weight UFC champion Daniel Cormier has issued his own response to Jorge Masvidal’s recent remarks on social media.

In the last few weeks, “Gamebred” has made his position crystal clear in regards to fighter pay. He’s currently locked in an ongoing dispute with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and in recent days, that beef has extended to other fighters on the roster.

The BMF king chose to call out fighters that have gone on to commentate for the UFC, and of course, the aforementioned Cormier falls into that category.

During the latest edition of his show alongside Ariel Helwani, “DC” had the following to say on the matter.

“I never said just ‘fight,’” Cormier said (via MMA Junkie). “But the guy (Masvidal), when he says current or former fighters, and he said you haven’t been doing it as long as me? No, I haven’t. ‘Or like me’? What does ‘or like me’ mean? Had as much success?

‘If he’s talking about me, I’ve done it like him, if not better. Not just him, I’ve done it better than most people in the world, so I think maybe he wasn’t talking about me. If he was, it just doesn’t work. Maybe he’s talking about those others guys, because that part of ‘or like me’ doesn’t work for me. I haven’t done it as long, but in the time I have done it, I’ve done it better than just about anybody who’s done it, if not better than anybody that has ever done it.”

“I think those guys that are commentating, that’s great,” Cormier said. “They’re making money; they’re securing their future. Hey, you make a lot of money calling fights. It’s a good job to have. I think, man, people just gotta, like, chill.”

Cormier also stated that he feels like there are better ways to go about this process.

“The reality is this, I want Jorge Masvidal to get his money, I do want him to get his money. All I’m saying is there’s just better ways to go about it. That’s all I’ve said for weeks. Go talk about it directly, deal with it, that’s how I would do it, that’s all I’m saying,” Cormier said on DC & Helwani. “Look, don’t listen to me, I’m only the guy that’s gotten every single opportunity that I have really tried to get or asked for. I’ve gotten paid fairly, I’m just that guy.”

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