Dana White names his four fighters on the Mount Rushmore of MMA

Dana White, Jake Paul
Dana White responds to Jake Paul

UFC president, Dana White has finally revealed his Mount Rushmore of MMA.

For many MMA fans, a popular question is who would be on a Mount Rushmore of MMA? There are so many options like Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey, Demetrious Johnson, Georges St-Pierre, and countless others. For White, he says it is hard to narrow it down to four but did so.

“I mean if you talk about a Mount Rushmore, where their heads are carved in stone forever, you have to go Royce Gracie, no brainer, you have to do that. Amanda Nunes, it has to be Amanda Nunes the greatest female fighter ever,” White said on The Schmozone Podcast. “The other two are tough. I would have to go with Jon Jones. The guys have never been beaten. What is more amazing about him going undefeated, which is incredibly amazing because very few people do in this sport, is the things he’s done to himself outside the Octagon and he still hasn’t been beat… The number four on Mount Rushmore, I guess you have to go with Chuck Liddell. At the point in time, he was the biggest star ever. It’s almost a coinflip between Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin.”

Chuck Liddell

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Immediately, the hosts pointed to White leaving off Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre. For the UFC boss, he says it just shows how hard it would be to create a Mount Rushmore.

“If you look at what Anderson Silva did for Brazil and GSP did for Canada, these guys had an impact on an entire country is very massive and very strong,” White said about leaving out Silva and St-Pierre.

An MMA Mount Rushmore would likely never be built but it does create a conversation between MMA fans. Like many people’s lists, Dana White’s will sure to get some backlash and some agreement.

There is no question Jon Jones and Amanda Nunes deserve to be on it. Yet, some may disagree on Royce Gracie and Chuck Liddell as there are others who could be on it. But, what they did for MMA and the UFC in the early parts of the company is massive so there it’s understandable as to why White put them on his Mount Rushmore.

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What do you make of Dana White’s MMA Mount Rushmore?

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