Dana White says commission is working on enforcing proper rules in Power Slap: “It will be MUCH safer”

By Harry Kettle - January 25, 2023

UFC president Dana White has revealed that the commission is working on improving the safety in the Power Slap league.

Dana White

Through all of the chaos and confusion, Power Slap’s premiere went ahead as scheduled earlier this month. As was expected, there was a whole lot of outcry in response to the first episode.

While some enjoyed it, others couldn’t get their head around how it was sanctioned. From a safety standpoint, it certainly appears to be a risky form of combat.

Dana White, the creator of the new league, has defended it. However, even the man himself acknowledges there are steps that need to be taken in order to make it safer.

During a recent exchange on Instagram, White had the following to say on the matter.

Fan: “Dana I like slapfighting but you have to enforce the rules properly. Way too much stepping and clubbing that isn’t being called”

White: “I hear u. The commission is working on it. Everyone is in a learning process right now. They have learned a lot since the March event and u will see that as the show goes on. But u are absolutely NOT wrong.”

White speaks out

Bando: “Thanks for being transparent and really wanting to make slap fighting as safe as possible”

White: “appreciate it and yes it will be MUCH safer.”

Dana is clearly a very big fan of slap fighting, or else he wouldn’t have invested so heavily into it. At the same time, he knows that he runs a real risk of this operation failing if he isn’t able to address some of the major concerns.

What do you think about Dana White’s claim that they will make the league safer? Do you enjoy watching Power Slap? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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