Dana White discusses the UFC release of Luis Pena and if something similar could happen to Jon Jones

By Harry Kettle - October 13, 2021

UFC president Dana White has spoken about the UFC release of Luis Pena and whether something similar could happen to Jon Jones.


Just a few days ago Luis Pena was arrested on charges of domestic violence, just a few months removed from being arrested for robbery, battery, and criminal mischief. While the outcome of his case has yet to be determined, the UFC acted swiftly by releasing Pena from his contract with the promotion.

In a recent media scrum, Dana White spoke about Pena’s situation as well as what could wind up happening to Jon Jones.

“This was a bad case [Luis Pena] and we knew he had problems before that we were trying to help him with, but this is a pretty nasty one. I don’t know if you guys read the police report but yeah, this one had to happen.”

When asked by a reporter about the possible repercussions for Jon Jones following a similar arrest, White had the following to say.

“Something like that [a release] could happen to anybody, yeah. Could happen to anybody.”

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