Dana White blasts Jake Paul following critical comments of Claressa Shields: “He better be careful, she might knock him out”

By Adam Martin - October 29, 2021

Dana White blasted Jake Paul following his critical comments of Claressa Shields, saying “he better be careful, she might knock him out.”


Paul criticized Shields following her loss to Abigail Montes at the PFL Championship and soon afterwards, Shields fired back at the YouTuber-turned-boxer. In Abu Dhabi ahead of UFC 267, White was asked if he heard the comments that Paul made towards Shields, and he said that he did. As far as White goes, Paul is biting off a bit more than he can chew.

“He better be careful, she might knock him out. So Jake Paul calls Claressa Shields a loser? Claressa Shields is nothing but a winner who actually fought real people in her weight class in her own age in her own sport and then goes over to MMA and tries to win a world title. That’s not a loser, that’s a winner, okay?” White told MMAFighting.com. “When are you gonna start fighting somebody your own f*cking age, your own weight, that actually fights in your own f*cking sport that you’re claiming you’re in? Shut the f*ck up, you goofball. For you to call Claressa Shields a loser is f*cking unbelievable.”

White is not a fan of Paul, who has come after White and the UFC for perceived low fighter pay. White is also a massive boxing fan and he has a lot of respect for Shields as you can tell based on these comments. But he certainly has no respect for Paul. Although Paul is one of the biggest names in combat sports right now, White has never been a believer in his fighting abilities, and after hearing him criticize Shields, White felt like he had no choice but to talk some smack back to Paul.

“I hope he runs into her somewhere and she knocks him the f*ck out,” White said.

Do you agree with Dana White and his comments towards Jake Paul regarding Claressa Shields?

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