Dan Hardy “disappointed” the UFC blocked George St-Pierre from boxing Oscar de la Hoya

Dan Hardy, Khabib Nurmagomedov

Former UFC welterweight Dan Hardy says that he was “disappointed” to learn the UFC blocked Georges St-Pierre from boxing Oscar de la Hoya.

We found out last week that UFC president Dana White shut down GSP vs. de la Hoya after not taking phone calls from Triller executive Ryan Kavanaugh. GSP himself confirmed that the fight was blocked and that he was upset because he wanted to have a fun fight with one of his idols in de la Hoya and then give most of the money to charity. But White refused to let St-Pierre out of his UFC contract to join the Triller Fight Club promotion.

We heard from Anderson Silva this week, who said it was “terrible” that the UFC blocked GSP from fighting de la Hoya in boxing. Now we have heard from Dan Hardy, who took to his social media on Thursday to say he was “disappointed” to hear that the fight was blocked.

What are your thoughts on #GSP being denied the opportunity to fight de la Hoya? I’m kinda disappointed… especially knowing that he and #Khabib wanted to face one another, and that was shut down as well. Would have been a real superfight.

Fans are surely not happy that White blocked the GSP vs. de la Hoya superfight, as it would have been intriguing to see GSP go to boxing to take one of the best of all time, albeit a fighter nearing the end of his career in de la Hoya. At the same time, you can understand why White wouldn’t want to let one of the biggest names in the promotion out of his contract, as the UFC typically refuses to do so except with Conor McGregor when he boxed Floyd Mayweather.

What was your reaction to hearing the UFC blocked Georges St-Pierre from boxing Oscar de la Hoya?

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