Dan Hardy: Darren Till would be helpful cornerman for Mike Perry

By Tom Taylor - October 7, 2020

Dan Hardy believes that Darren Till would actually be a worthwhile cornerman for UFC welterweight star “Platinum” Mike Perry.

Darren Till, Mike Perry

Perry is set to take on former UFC welterweight champion “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler at UFC 255 in November. Ahead of this fight, Perry is auctioning off a spot in his corner to the highest bidder. Till, who used is be one of Perry’s rivals but is now more of a friend, looks like he could be that highest bidder.

Dan Hardy, a former UFC welterweight who now commentates for the promotion, believes Till would actually be a pretty effective cornerman for Perry — even though the pair have swapped plenty of trash talk in the past.

“The truth is, knowing Darren Till as a fighter, when he gets in that corner, for all the hot air and nonsense that he talks when he gets in that fight with Mike Perry, he’ll corner him like a good cornerman,” Hardy said on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, discussing Till as a cornerman for Perry (via MMA Junkie). “He will, because it’s his instinct. I would. I could corner anybody. It doesn’t matter whether I like them or not. If I feel like I could help them win that fight, I will tell them, because that’s my job as a cornerman. Darren Till’s old-school, I know he’ll do that. If he’s in that corner, he’ll give Mike Perry good advice.”

In his last fight, Mike Perry only had one person in his corner: his partner, Latory Gonzalez. Hardy believes that any qualified cornerman—whether it’s Till or somebody else—will be very valuable in the fight against Lawler.

“One good cornerperson could make a massive, massive difference,” Hardy said, explain how Perry could benefit from another cornerman. “My concern for Mike is that he’s not going to have anybody. I was happy to see Stephan Bonnar in the corner of Sanchez, but you need a voice of reason and logic in the corner, and you also need someone you can trust. … Faith in a corner team’s a big thing.”

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