Conor McGregor’s ex-coach convicted of manslaughter, victim’s family releases statement.

By Natasha Hooper - January 30, 2020

Conor McGregor’s ex-coach Jonathan Dargan has been convicted of manslaughter. The Irishman punched former Guinness worker Paddy Mullally outside of an apartment complex in the early hours of Saturday in March 2016.

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Mr Mullally was accompanied by a man named Shane Cunningham. The pair tried to intervene in a row that Dargan was having with his girlfriend. Subsequently, Dargan aimed a number of punches at the men.

The former champion’s ex-coach was remorseful about the incident. Vincent Heneghan SC, who represented the defendant said his client accepts full responsibility for the death of the victim but did not intend on killing him.

After discovering the victim had died, he immediately expressed his apologies and remorse to the family. He said (via The Independent):

“I’m so sorry. It was an accident. I’m devastated and heartbroken for that man and his family. All I can say is I’m crushed.

“If I could take back everything that happened that night I would, but all I can do is beg his family for their forgiveness. It was a genuine mistake.”

The MMA coach claimed that he acted in self-defence. However, Judge Pauline Codd said: “a man who was in control of the situation and not somebody in fear,” and that CCTV disputed his claim.

In November 2019, the jury took just over four hours to conclude a unanimous guilty verdict for the manslaughter charge. Judge Codd suspended the final six months of the defendant’s six-year sentence. As a result, Conor McGregor’s ex-coach was handed a five and a half year prison term (per The Body Lock).

In a recent interview with the Irish Times, Pally Mullally’s widow described how their lives have been forever changed by the tragic event:

She recounted the “brutal” killing and acknowledges her late-husband will miss out on watching their daughter grow up.  “I’ll never be able to forgive him [Dargan] for that,” she said.

“Four years later, we’re still absolutely devastated by the loss of our beloved Paddy.

“We as a family miss him every day but there is also a huge group of friends who are grieving alongside us.

His neice also described how the event has caused her PTSD and spoke fondly of her uncle:

“[He was a] devoted Dad, caring brother, fun uncle. One of the happiest, friendliest persons you’d ever meet”.

“He was killed trying to do the chivalrous thing. One person ripped several lives apart with his bare hands,” she said.

What do you think of the news that Conor McGregor’s former coach has been convicted of manslaughter?

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