Conor McGregor suggests Diego Sanchez vs. Joshua Fabia in McGregor Sports and Entertainment

By Adam Martin - May 23, 2021

UFC superstar Conor McGregor suggested that Diego Sanchez fight Joshua Fabia under the McGregor Sports and Entertainment banner.

Conor McGregor

Sanchez this week revealed that he has officially split with Fabia, just a few weeks after the former Ultimate Fighter winner was cut by the UFC. Part of the reason he was cut was because of an argument that Fabia had with UFC executives on Fight Island last year. The UFC was also not happy that Fabia was asking about Sanchez’s medical records. Ultimately, the decision was made for the UFC to cut Sanchez. And now, not long after a bizarre video emerged of Fabia “training” with Sanchez was released, Sanchez has cut ties with Fabia.

Taking to his social media on Sunday, the UFC icon McGregor cracked a joke about Sanchez and Fabia, suggesting the two fight for his McGregor Sports and Entertainment.

Sanchez vs Fabia. McGregor Sports and Entertainment.

While McGregor is likely just making a joke, it is worth noting that Sanchez is a free agent right now and it will be interesting to see what he does next. UFC president Dana White has already said his goodbyes to Sanchez, but now that Fabia is out of the picture it’s always possible the UFC could look to bring Sanchez back for one more fight. At the same time, he’s a free agent now and it will be interesting to see what promotion ends up signing him. Bellator has already said they wouldn’t bring him into the fold, but Sanchez could always take his talents overseas or potentially BKFC. One fight that won’t happen, though, is a matchup against McGregor, even though the two were connected to a fight last year.

Do you think Conor McGregor is onto something here with Diego Sanchez vs. Joshua Fabia?


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