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Michael Bisping trashes “toxic little sh*t” Joshua Fabia, expresses sympathy for “absolute legend of the game” Diego Sanchez

UFC commentator Michael Bisping trashed “toxic little sh*t” Joshua Fabia following the promotion releasing longtime veteran Diego Sanchez.

The UFC cut Sanchez last week after 16 years with the company due to issues with his medical clearance. Fabia had questions about Sanchez being able to fight and voiced them with UFC staff at a meeting that was leaked online. Sanchez was set to fight Donald Cerrone in what was set to be his retirement fight on May 8, but the UFC released Sanchez from his contract, choosing instead to pay him out after a back-and-forth email exchange between Sanchez and UFC lawyer Hunter Campbell over medical records, which was also leaked online.

Taking to social media following Sanchez’s release, Bisping reacted to the cut by blasting Fabia for what he says is meddling with Sanchez’s career. Fabia has come under storm online among fans, many of who do not respect him as a coach or as a mentor for Sanchez, and many UFC fighters such as Bisping agree with that sentiment. The former UFC middleweight champion took to his Twitter to issue some harsh comments towards Fabia for his handling of Sanchez’s career while expressing his sympathy for seeing a fellow legend exit the company on a sour note.

Hopefully Joshua Fabia will look back on this with deep shame and regret one day. What a toxic little shit. And I don’t even know the guy. Sorry Diego, I know that’s your boy but you gotta get rid of him.

He’s an absolute legend of the game. I have the upmost respect. But I can’t stand to see this manipulative little prick meddling in Diego’s affairs and ultimately costing him his position in the company. Playing games with medical clearance. An utter fool.

Do you agree with Michael Bisping and Diego Sanchez?

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