Coach Din Thomas praises Tyron Woodley for his handling of the Jake Paul knockout

By Susan Cox - January 3, 2022

Din Thomas, Tyron Woodley’s coach is praising him for being a good sport after losing to Jake Paul on December 18th in Tampa, Florida.


‘The Chosen One’ was knocked out cold in the sixth round, with Jake Paul extending his winning record to a perfect 5-0. It was Woodley’s second encounter with Jake Paul, the first ending in a split decision to ‘The Problem Child’ in August 2021. It’s also worth noting that this marked Woodley’s sixth straight loss in combat sports.

Din Thomas while speaking to ‘The Schmo’ expressed his feelings on Woodley’s handling of the loss (h/t Sportskeeda):

“The way he [Tyron Woodley] lost and the way he handled it, I’ve never seen anybody at that level lose so bad and handle it so well. So, my hats go off to him for that.”

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Jake Paul def. Tyron Woodley via KO in Boxing rematch

Following the latest defeat, Tyron Woodley uploaded a post to his Instagram account announcing a contest for his followers:

“They thought a lesson would make me quit. That s**t made me laugh. I been here before. But y’all real funny with the memes. some of that s**t I gotta laugh at myself. People talented at photoshop and editing. Might as well get paid for it. Here you go. 5 Bands to the funniest video/pic.”

Yes, ‘The Chosen One’ paid up $5K to the viewer (fan or otherwise) who came up with the funniest video/pic of his knockout.

Tyron Woodley at 39 is on the backside of his career, but two losses to Jake Paul aren’t going to stop him from getting in the gym and training for his next fight.

In the post fight press conference Woodley made it clear he wasn’t giving up and would be in the ring to fight again soon:

“I’m not done,” Woodley declared. “Please do not look at me with sorrow eyes. Please do not look at me shaking your head. I done f*cked a lot of people up. A lot of people had to have that talk in the locker room. A lot of coaches had to go back to the drawing board. A lot of people, in their mind, they knew that they knew, and I saw in their faces and I broke their heart when I took that from them.”

“At some point, you’re going to have to start putting a little bit of respect on Jake’s name. I never really disrespected him as a power puncher. That’s something we always knew. That’s why my defense was so tight. Had he dropped his hand on me, the same sh*t would have happened. I can’t cry over spilled milk. I’m blessed to be here. I’m blessed for the opportunity to fight again and show you guys that I’m f*cking still here.”

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