Chuck Liddell sends message of support to Cain Velasquez during attempted murder trial: “We love you”

By Josh Evanoff - May 30, 2022

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell is the latest to show support to Cain Velasquez.


Earlier this year, the former UFC heavyweight champion was arrested on attempted murder charges. The former MMA fighter reportedly chased a man through traffic and fired at his vehicle several times. Over the following weeks, more details were released as to the situation involving Velasquez.

The individual who Velasquez fired at was recently arrested for molesting one of his relatives. However, he instead hit the man’s father who was in the car with him. As a result, Velasquez has been arrested for attempted murder, as well as a litany of other charges.

In the months following the incident, Velasquez has been denied bail several times. The judge on the case also stated that the former fighter has a clear disregard for human life. A statement that was then torn apart by several MMA personalities, including Brendan Schaub.

Chuck Liddell is now the latest to send a message of support to Cain Velasquez. ‘The Iceman’ discussed the former UFC heavyweight champion’s situation in an interview with TMZ Sports. The former UFC light-heavyweight champion sent his best to Velasquez and also stated that he should be given bail.

Cain Velasquez

“Yeah that’s so funny how easy it is to get out, and they’re letting all these crazy people out. But, you have a problem with letting [Cain Velasquez] out? I don’t know, I get it. In that situation, I get it… Stay strong. We’re here for you [Cain Velasquez]. We love you.”

Chuck Liddell continued, “It’ll move up, and again, it has to move forward, you just can’t let him sit around. I don’t get that [not giving Cain bond], that I don’t get. I don’t get it man, they should give him bond, let him see his family you know?

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