Charles Jourdain slams YouTube boxer Faze Temper for stating UFC fighters are being “robbed”: “We don’t want you clowns to “help” us”

By Josh Evanoff - January 12, 2023

UFC featherweight contender Charles Jourdain has chimed in on the fighter pay debate.

Over the last few years, the UFC’s pay structure has come under heavy fire. While Dana White has done his best to shout down critics, the issue hasn’t gone away. Instead, thanks to names such as Jake Paul, the issue has only been brought further to the spotlight.

One name that has recently blasted the UFC fighter pay is gaming YouTuber Faze Temper. During a recent interview with MMAFighting, the 1-1 professional boxer discussed the topic, as well as possible crossover into MMA.

“Maybe I’ll fight MMA one day, but right now I’m focused in boxing,” stated the YouTuber. “I started getting interested in boxing with these influencer [bouts], but after I did it, I’m too involved right now, I’m watching a lot of professional boxers.”

“…I hope the MMA world grows financially because these fighters, especially UFC fighters, they deserve more, brother. They’re getting robbed. What Jake Paul is doing right now, joining PFL and helping these fighters financially, I have huge respect for him because these fighters deserve more. They’re getting robbed. I hope this world gets bigger and fighters start to get paid what they deserve.” (h/t MMAFighting)

Those comments seemingly struck a nerve with Charles Jourdain. The Canadian has been out of action since a loss to Nathaniel Wood in September at UFC France. On Twitter, Jourdain blasted Temper for his comments, stating YouTubers don’t need to help MMA fighters.

“Keep sitting behind a computer and talk, martial arts are a way of life that soy boy can’t understand. We don’t want you clowns to “help” us. You guys are fake and make money of being fake. Can’t fake being a real UFC fighter.”

“I make 150k for a win. If I win 3 fights of 15minutes, That’s 450k for 45minutes of perfomance. But please anonymous twitter expert do go on and tell me how much of a victime I am. #Soyboy”
Currently, Faze Temper is slated to face KSI on DAZN pay-per-view this Saturday night. Charles Jourdain, meanwhile, is yet to book his return to the octagon.
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