Chael Sonnen explains how taking a fight on short notice saved him from being “blacklisted” by the UFC

By Susan Cox - February 25, 2022

Chael Sonnen, speaking on his YouTube platform ‘Bad Guy Inc’ explained why it’s so important to be ready to fight on short notice in the UFC.

Chael Sonnen

Sonnen, who retired back in 2019 and went on to be a promoter and MMA analyst shared his personal experience about being available to fight on short notice in the sport.

“I fought Babalu in California.

The promoter that put that event on went against the Attorney Generals Office, who did not have a sanctioning body yet. He told the Attorney General ‘Oh I’m not doing a fight, I’m filming a movie’. This is all scripted.

So Dana (White), who’s in the process of trying to get regulation throughout the country, including California, now the whole sport gets a big black eye. And people were throwing their hands up in the air and they don’t want to do it. Dana says that anybody who fought on that card will never fight in the UFC.

And I said, but Dana, we didn’t know, nobody told us this. This movie business, and pre-determined outcome and the Attorney General, we heard all these things after the fact.”

Chael Sonnen went on to say:

“Babalu found a way around it, he won an 8 man tournament in one night. He could right his own ticket. He had a short notice replacement fight needed.

I got guys allegedly speaking up for me, as it turns out they weren’t, trying to get me into the organization. I paid $1500.00 to get Joe Silva’s email. I said I will fight Babalu. Nothing else was said. I was signed and had a contract that night. So not only did I go from being on a blacklist, I went from on a blacklist for fighting a guy that we’re now going to rematch on pay-per-view. It’s a cool story, but it’s my story.”

Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen concluded:

“When I tell you how important it is to be ready on short notice, I’m telling you from experience. Ask Michael Bisping if he could get a world title fight, he did everything he needed to do but he couldn’t get one until until he agreed to do it on short notice. He is now in the Hall of Fame and a World Champion.

Bobby Green was not going to be considered for a main event, at least not this year, but he’s going to be Saturday, but why, because he took a short notice fight. Being ready is the key in this sport.”

Yes Michael Bisping was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on July 5, 2019, much in part to his short notice victory over Luke Rockhold at UFC 199.

Bobby Green (29-12) is up against Islam Makhachev (21-1) tomorrow night, Saturday February 26th at UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas. Green is the short notice replacement after Beneil Dariush pulled out of the fight after suffering an ankle injury during training.

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen that fighters need to be ready, that is key if you want to get ahead in the UFC? Will you be watching UFC Fight Night this weekend? Share you thoughts in the comment section PENN Nation!

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