Chael Sonnen believes Leon Edwards should make the UFC find him “the easiest opponent” to fight if Kamaru Usman is out

By Cole Shelton - January 3, 2023

Chael Sonnen thinks Leon Edwards should try and get an easier matchup if Kamaru Usman is out.

Leon Edwards, FUC 286

Edwards was expected to headline UFC 286 in March against Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title. Yet, rumors have come out that Usman is dealing with a hand injury and was recently seen with a cast on it.

Given that UFC 286 is less than three months away, many are wondering who Edwards would face if Usman is indeed out. According to Sonnen, he says the Brit should demand the UFC gives him the easiest opponent possible.

“Leon Edwards, at all times, has the same responsibility that every other fight has, which is to get the biggest paycheck against the easiest opponent, and he is the one who should be manipulating this right now,” Sonnen said about Edwards on his YouTube channel. “He should not be sitting back if he hears the rumor that Kamaru’s got the thing on his hand. Leon within two degrees of separation can get ahold of his teammate at Sanford MMA and find out about this wrist thing. He can go right to the UFC.

“He could get an answer, here’s a rumor I’m hearing, do I have him? If any of that sounds shaky, he should instantly be invoking the plan to find the easiest opponent. He should be the one who’s creative,” Sonnen continued about Edwards. “He wants to go honor three-piece and a soda, that is very low-hanging fruit. That is not going to be anybody’s first option or second, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to be an option. It’s still possible.”

As of right now, the UFC has yet to officially announce any fight for Leon Edwards but if Usman is out, he will likely have to face another top contender.

Who would you like to see Leon Edwards fight if Kamaru Usman is out?

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