Canelo Alvarez shares his honest thoughts on Jake Paul: “Maybe it’s good for boxing”

By Adam D Martin - September 22, 2021

Pound-for-pound boxing great Canelo Alvarez shared his honest thoughts on YouTuber Jake Paul, suggesting that “maybe it’s good for boxing.”

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Alvarez is the top P4P boxer on the planet right now, and he next steps into the boxing ring when he fights the unbeaten Caleb Plant on November 6. Ahead of the fight, Alvarez and Plant took part in the pre-fight press conference. Following the presser, Alvarez spoke to reporters and he was asked questions on a number of topics, including the YouTuber Paul.

Paul has taken the boxing world by storm over the last few years as he has come out of nowhere to become a crossover star in the sport. After knocking out YouTubers and NBA players, Paul stepped up his level of competition this year and beat former UFC fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. He is confident in his abilities and recently spoke about his hit list of several other fighters, which includes Alvarez on the list. Even though Alvarez is obviously far ahead of Paul when it comes to his boxing skills, Paul is still hoping that his big name will attract Alvarez to a fight. When asked by TMZ Sports what Alvarez thinks about Paul now in the wake of the Woodley win, Alvarez had some nice things to say.

“It’s hard to say that (he’s impressed with Paul’s boxing skills), but maybe it’s good for boxing, (bringing in) another audience. We don’t know, but it is what it is,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez can see that Paul is bringing in a crossover appeal to the game and he respects that, but as far as his actual boxing skills go, Alvarez wouldn’t go as far as saying he respects Paul’s game. And until Paul gains Alvarez’s respect as more than just a businessman and as an actual boxer, it seems unlikely that Alvarez would accept the fight.

Do you agree with Canelo Alvarez that maybe Jake Paul is good for boxing?

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