Brendan Schaub trashes “Sherdog forum troll” Joe Silva: “You’re a complete prick”

Brendan Schaub

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub ripped former UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, calling him a “complete prick” and a “Sherdog forum troll.”

Schaub had a segment on the latest edition “Below the Belt” podcast focusing on the recent number of negative stories that have popped up on social media related to Silva. Fighters such as Eddie Alvarez, Gray Maynard, and Gerald Harris all had some negative things to say about Silva, and Schaub took the time to share his own experiences with Silva.

“Joe Silva was a savage man. A f*cking savage. He was a guy who was on the Sherdog forums, he was a big fan, and he got this role as the matchmaker of the UFC dealing with the toughest guys in the world. Joe Silva is 5’1″. He’s this little Sherdog forum troll who had a lot of power in the UFC. He had a lot of power and controlled guys’ destinies. He got drunk on ego. He was a motherf*cker, man. The stories that will come out if this did gain traction, I don’t think it will, but I would assume every fighter has a Joe Silva story,” Schaub said.

“I remember before I fought Cro Cop, as I was walking out, he said, ‘You better not treat him as your f*cking friend, go out there and knock him out.’ I said, ‘Alright thanks, dude. You’re 5-foot though. Yeah thank you, thank you, sir,'” Schaub recounted.

“I remember when I fought Lavar Johnson, they wanted it to be a slugfest because Lavar Johnson was a knockout artist. I was coming off a loss to Ben Rothwell and they gave me that fight. If I lost that fight I would have been cut from the UFC. It was a big fight for me. The guy had zero wrestling. Zero. I can wrestle, I can grapple. So I took him down. At the time I think it was the most takedowns in a heavyweight fight. I mean I took this boy down over and over. I didn’t play that game at all where he wanted to stand and bang. I didn’t do that at all. I dominated him, complete domination. Not the most entertaining fight, but he’s on steroids too. He failed the steroid test after. His arms were so big that I couldn’t get the D’arce choke. But I dominated him. I saw Joe Silva and said, ‘That was a close one,’ meaning I would have got cut if I lost. He said, ‘That was a sh*t fight and you should have been on the first fight of the night.’ He said, ‘If Brendan lost that fight we would have cut him, especially if he did a performance like that,'” Schaub said.

“With Joe Silva, it’s like, alright dude, you’re a complete prick and made people’s lives miserable. Alright. I think I’m doing a tell-all book or something. You know what? You deserve it. It’s going to catch up with you man. Karma’s a motherf*cker. But I have no ill will towards him. If I saw him I’d give him a hug,” Schaub concluded.

With so many fighters speaking out now against Joe Silva, look for more of these stories to emerge.

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