Ben Askren reacts after Jorge Masvidal tries to clarify previous threat of ending his bloodline: “Is this an apology or what is this?”

By Susan Cox - March 25, 2022

Ben Askren has reacted after Jorge Masvidal attempted to clarify a previous threat he had made about ending his bloodline.


It was Ben Askren (19-2 MMA) vs Jorge Masvidal (35-16 MMA) at UFC 239 back in July of 2019. In the fastest and perhaps most violent knockout in the history of the UFC, it was ‘Gamebred’ who came out victorious at the 0:05 mark of the opening round.

In the lead up to that bout, Masvidal was chirping about ending Askren’s bloodline, which apparently was misinterpreted.

In attempting to clear up any misunderstanding, Masvidal recently tagged the Iowa native in a reply to a tweet from the handle @einfamous1 that explained the comment:

“Not his bloodline. I said I want to take him out of the reproduction system. So, he can’t reproduce no more. We don’t need no more Ben Askren in this world. Not his bloodline, whatever he’s done already, I don’t mess with nobody’s kids. I wouldn’t dare.”

‘Funky’, in response, put this out on Twitter:

“Is this an apology or what is this Im very confused. Don’t need an apology, you said what you said. Im tough enough to be ok with it, I have thick skin.”

Ben Askren last fought in October 2019 at UFC Fight Night 162 where he went down to defeat against Demian Maia (28-11 MMA) in the welterweight bout. On November 18, 2019, Askren announced his official retirement from mixed martial arts competition.

As for Jorge Masvidal he just suffered a unanimous decision loss to Colby Covington (17-3 MMA) at UFC 272 earlier this month.

Masvidal, not wanting to stay out of the headlines, attacked Colby Covington outside a restaurant earlier this week, resulting in ‘Chaos’ pressing charges against him. The police report indicated that Covington received an abrasion on his wrist, a fractured tooth plus damage to his Rolex watch.

Masvidal was said to have shouted ‘You shouldn’t have been talking about my kids,’ as he attacked Covington.

Apparently there is a theme here….. fighters inside or outside the cage should not talk about other fighters kids – that should be off limits.

What are your thoughts on fighters trash talking each other, should there be limits as to what can be said, even in a lead-up to a big match? Plus how do you feel about fighters, like Masvidal, not just talking smack but attacking other fighters on the streets?

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