Alex Volkanovski sends a warning to Conor McGregor after the Irishman takes aim at Hasbulla: “You’ll have to go through me first”

By Harry Kettle - September 1, 2022

Alex Volkanovski has issued an amusing warning to Conor McGregor after he took a shot at internet sensation Hasbulla.


One thing we all know to be true about Conor McGregor is that he’s an unpredictable chap, especially when it comes to his social media activity. The Irishman rarely thinks twice about speaking his mind and even though he winds up deleting most of his messages, he still tends to get the essence of his point across for the world to see before doing so.

In his most recent series of messages, he went after the one and only Hasbullah.

“I’d love to boot that little gimp Hasbulla over a goal post,” tweeted the Dubliner “How much to get him on the volley? Little smelly inbred. I’m gonna make it my mission to score a 3 pointer with him one day, hon the guard.”

There was plenty of uproar from those who felt like Conor was mocking Hasbulla, whereas UFC featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski took a more light-hearted approach.

“You’ll have to go through me first, Leave my mate alone @TheNotoriousMMA”

Volkanovski has been doing the rounds lately by meeting stars both big and small, including Shaquille O’Neal and, of course, Hasbulla.

The Australian shares a few things in common with McGregor, with the primary one being that they’ve both held the crown at 145 pounds. At a few different points the pair have hinted at wanting to face one another but with McGregor looking more likely to head back up to welterweight, we can’t picture a world in which this match-up happens anytime soon.

Are you a fan of Hasbulla continuing to be a big presence in mixed martial arts? What do you think would happen if Conor McGregor fought Alex Volkanovski? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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