UFC on FOX 18 Results: Jimmie Rivera defeats Iuri Alcantara via decision

By Chris Taylor - January 30, 2016

The second bout of the UFC on FOX 18 main card featured a bantamweight fight between Iuri Alcantara (33-7 MMA) and Jimmie Rivera (19-1 MMA).

Round one begins with a touch of gloves. Alcantara opens with a kick to the body of Jimmie. Big shots from both men. Good strikes land for Alcantara. Rivera is pressing forward. Good right hand from Jimmie. Iuri responds with a good knee to the body. Jimmie is struggling to find his range. Good jab from Iuri. Sharp right hand from Rivera. Nice front kick by Alcantara. Jimmie is pressing forward but misses with his attempted bombs. Good body shot from Rivera. Iuri replies with a right hand. Good body kick from Alcantara. Accidental eye poke stops the action. We restart and Alcantara lands a body kick and a left. Big takedown to end round one by Rivera.

Round two begins and Alcantara lands a leg kick to start. Both fighters seem tentative to begin round two. Rivera lands a good body shot and a huge left. Iuri eats it and moves forward. Jimmie is beginning to take chances. Good jabs by both men. Front kick from Rivera. Nice right hand and a leg kick land for Jimmie. He presses Alcantara against the fence and begins working from the clinch. Good shots inside from Rivera. He follows those shots up with some knees before the ref steps in and tells them to break. Nice kicks land for Alcantara. Jimmie tries a takedown but is stuffed. Huge left drops Rivera. He bounces up and takes Alcantara down. The second round comes to an end with both men back on their feet.

Round three starts and Alcantara connects with a head kick. Rivera eats it and moves forward. Good right hand scores for Rivera. Iuri replies with a leg kick. Alcantara eats a hard body shot from Rivera. Nice jabs from Iuri. Nice left hook lands for Rivera. Alcantara is missing with most of his punches but finally lands a jab. Good body kick from Alcantara. Jimmie returns fire with one of his own. Nice jab and a front kick from Iuri. Jimmie with a good combo. Nice shot and then a trip lands for Alcantara. More kicks from Iuri. Jimmie shoots in for a takedown. 10 seconds left. Shots from Rivera against the fence to end it.

Jimmie Rivera defeats Iuri Alcantara via decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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