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UFC 210 Results: Patrick Cummins defeats Jan Blachowicz (Highlights)

UFC 210 Results: Patrick Cummins vs. Jan Blachowicz

A light heavyweight scrap between Patrick Cummins and Jan Blachowicz kicked off tonight’s UFC 210 prelims on Fox Sports One.

Round one begins and Blachowicz lands a pair of kicks to start thing off. He lands a left uppercut that drops Cummins. He jumps on Patrick with some hard ground and pound. Cummins scrambles up to his feet. Jan is all over him. Cummins lands a right hand that drops Blachowicz. Jan quickly gets back up and lands a nice uppercut. Cummins is bleeding now. He shoots in for a takedown but Jan says no and works some knees. They break and Blachowicz lands another nice uppercut. He follows that up with a left hook and pushes Cummins against the fence. Some short shots inside land for Jan. Cummins is able to break off the fence. Patrick scores with a kick to the body. Jan replies with an uppercut and then a knee inside. He pushes Cummins back up against the fence. Cummins scores a trip takedown and winds up in full guard. Amazing heart shown by Cummins here. Patrick presses Jan against the fence. Jan looks for a triangle choke and uses the submission attempt to get back up to his feet. Cummins has him pressed against the cage and round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and both men are quick to trade punches early. Blachowicz lands a nice kick to the body and then scores with a right hand. Cummins ducks under a shot and pushed Jan against the cage. Blachowicz is able to break free and takes the center of the octagon. Cummins lands a straight right hand an then shoots in and scores a takedown. He begins working from full guard. Jan looks for a kimura but cannot secure the submission attempt. Cummins with some short shots from the top. Jan is able to scramble and get back to his feet. He circles away from Cummins and then lands a high kick. He scores with a nice combination and then follows up with a left high kick. Blachowicz attempts a takedown but it is not there. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Blachowicz lands an outside low kick to start. He follows that up with a left jab. Cummins charges forward and lands a nice combination against the fence. He clinches up with Jan but Blachowicz quickly breaks free. Jan misses with an uppercut and Cummins quickly shoots in and secures a takedown. Jan quickly rolls for an armbar submission but it is not there. Cummins begins working some short shots from full guard. He lands an elbow and then some hammer fists. Jan is looking for a submission but it is not there. He scrambles and is able to get back to his feet. Jan throws a flying knee that partially connects. He lands a good kick to the body of Cummins. Patrick clinches up and begins landing some brutal knees. Jan finally drops down forcing Cummins to stop with the knees. Patrick ends up taking top position and begins working some right hands from full guard. Cummins rains down some good shots from the top to close out the final round.

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