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UFC 210 Results: Shane Burgos stops Charles Rosa in round three (Highlights)

UFC 210 Results: Charles Rosa vs. Shane Burgos

A featherweight bout between Charles Rosa and Shane Burgos took place during tonight’s UFC 210 prelims on Buffalo, New York.

Round one begins and Rosa throws a low kick but Shane counters with a right hand. Charles lands a nice switch kick. Shane is pressing forward very aggressively here. He lands a hard right. Rosa comes back with a combination. Charles is moving well here but Burgos is just walking him down. Shane with a nice shot to the body. He follows that up with a right hand. Rosa lands a spinning kick to the body. Burgos eats it and continues to walk forward. He appears to have no respect for Rosa’s power. Shane with a good combination. He lands a stiff jab. Rosa throws another switch kick but Shane replies with a hard hook to the body. Rosa with a nice low kick and then a left hand. Burgos presses forward with a left and then a right but eats a hard low kick for his efforts. Charles leaps in with a left hook that misses. He throws a kick but it connects low and the referee steps in and puts a stop to the action. After a short break we restart. Rosa lands a low kick but Shane comes back with a viscous combination. Rosa is able to circle away from the flurry and then proceeds to land three hard low kicks in a row. Shane eats the shots and then launches a right hand. Both men score with uppercuts. Rosa leaps in with a combination. Burgos fires off a low kick as round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Rosa lands a pair of low kicks to start. Shane connects with a right and then a hook to the body. Rosa attempts a spinning kick but Shane counters with a kick of his own. Charles shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Burgos pops right back up to his feet however. Rosa has him pressed up against the fence. The fighters trade some knees and then break. Rosa lands a pair of good kicks. Burgos responds with a good combination. The fighters trade punches and kicks in the center of the cage. Rosa is doing a god job utilizing movement here. Rosa lads a right and then a front kick. Burgos fires back with a right hand and then a low kick of his own. Rosa quickly responds with a left. He circles out and lands another low kick. Burgos continues to press forward here. But it is Rosa who is landing the better volume of strikes. More circling and low kicks from Charles here. Burgos lands a right but Charles counters with a spinning back fist that lands. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Burgos opens up with a pair of front kicks to the body to start. He fires off a low kick. Rosa is able to catch a kick but cannot score on a follow u takedown attempt. Charles continues to press for a takedown but Shane defends and lands some hard shots. Rosa scrambles free and lands a left and then a right hand. Rosa misses with a combo and then gets tagged with a left hook. He drops to the floor. He gets back up and Burgos tags him with some elbows and punches. More shots from Shane and the referee has seen enough and stops the contest. It could have been an early stoppage but Rosa was in a world of trouble.

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