Sean Strickland slams Ian Machado Garry after the Irishman says he wants to fight: “He hides who he is”

By Cole Shelton - January 17, 2024

Sean Strickland has blasted Ian Machado Garry after the Irishman said he wanted to fight him.

Sean Strickland and Ian Machado Garry

In the lead-up to UFC 296, Strickland trash-talked Garry and his wife, which the Irishman wasn’t happy about. After Garry was forced out of his fight, the middleweight champ continued to trash-talk him, which resulted in the Irishman calling out Strickland.

Now, ahead of Sean Strickland’s title defense at UFC 297, he was asked about Ian Machado Garry calling him out and he tore apart the Irishman.

“The cuck, does he really want to fight me? What a f*****g c**t. Ian Garry is such a f*****g c**t. When you guys interview him, do you ever ask him what are you going to do when she’s 60 and you’re 40? Are you allowed to f**k other women? God, I hate that f*****g guy. I hate that f*****g guy so much… If Ian Garry was right in front of me, I’d f*****g fight him. Ian Garry, he’s a piece of shit, you guys. I think we can all agree that Ian Garry is a piece of shit,” Strickland said at UFC 297 media day.

Part of the reason why Sean Strickland would fight Ian Machdo Garry is due to how he handles himself out of the Octagon. Strickland thinks Garry hides behind who he is and is fine dealing trash-talk, but can’t take it, which he isn’t a fan of.

“Ian Garry, he’s just a weak man. He’s a f*****g weak man. This is what I try to tell people. You meet these f*****g c***ts all day long, and they smile and they shake your f*****g hand and they smile, but really their core is f*****g rotted. You look at me, I’m an asshole. You look at me and I say hard shit. I make fun of my co-main event. I say hard shit. I’m not an asshole. I’m just saying what you’re thinking. Ian Garry is a f*****g c**t and he hides who he is,” Strickland said.

Although Sean Strickland is open to fighting Ian Machado Garry, it doesn’t seem like it will come to fruition anytime soon. The two are a weight class apart, while Strickland is focused on defending his middleweight title against Dricus Du Plessis. Ian Machado Garry, meanwhile, is set to return to the Octagon at UFC 298 against Geoff Neal. But, perhaps if the two keep winning, Strickland and Garry may share the Octagon in the future.

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