Sean Strickland slams ‘f*cking p*ssy’ Ryan Garcia amid mental health struggles: “Next time just be a man”

By Josh Evanoff - March 4, 2024

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has slammed boxing star Ryan Garcia.

Sean Strickland, Ryan Garcia

Over the last few weeks, ‘KingRy’ has had more than a few public struggles. As of now, Ryan Garcia is set to return to the boxing ring on April 20th, against Devin Haney. However, many fans online are publically wondering if he’s even going to make it to fight day, due to several concerning social media posts.

Earlier today, however, Ryan Garcia uploaded a video to social media opening up on his situation. According to the young boxer, he’s entirely fine and healthy, but he is dealing with something. While many fans were supportive, former UFC champion Sean Strickland wasn’t happy with it.

‘Tarzan’ himself has had struggles, and famously cried on Theo Von’s podcast last year, recalling the abuse he sustained at the hands of his father. Still, that didn’t stop Sean Strickland from absolutely tearing into Ryan Garcia on X. In a post, the MMA fighter implored the boxer to be a man and get over it, considering the situation that others are currently in.

Quickly, Ryan Garcia shot back at Sean Strickland and referenced the UFC fighter’s sparring session with Sneako last month. The former champion famously bloodied up the streamer, continuing to batter him even after the towel was thrown in. The back and forth between Garcia and Sean Strickland ended with the two agreeing to meet up in person.


Ryan Garcia

Image via: @kingryan on Instagram

Sean Strickland and Ryan Garcia go back and forth after the  boxer uploads a video

God I hate famous people. Bro you are fucking RICH…. They’re kids in salt mines, kids dying of cancer begging for one more day on this earth and you’re having a mental break down on social media.. You fucking pussy…” – Sean Strickland wrote on X earlier today, in a post directed at Ryan Garcia.

The boxer quickly fired back: “If you knew God you wouldn’t hate anyone. You went on and Took advantage of a streamer who was someone with no exp. And you gave him a concussion. You think you are doing a service but really you are just a bully coming in the name of a hero.”

“You get what you want??” Sean Strickland responded back to Ryan Garcia. “Did enough people tell you they love you??? Do you feel better??? You get enough attention lmao!!! Next time just be a man and pull the mother fucker don’t press post haha fucking woman…”

“I lost brain cells reading that!” The boxer responded. “Please show me how serious you are to actually handling this like men!! But let’s actually be serious no internet stuff”

Sean Strickland quickly responded: “Las Vegas my man…. roll through….”

What do you make of this back-and-forth between Sean Strickland and Ryan Garcia? Do you agree with the former UFC champion? Or ‘KingRy’?