Michael Bisping unleashes on ‘bully’ Jake Paul after recent win: “His opponent was utter dogs*it”

By Josh Evanoff - March 4, 2024

Michael Bisping wasn’t impressed by Jake Paul’s return to the boxing ring.

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On Saturday night in Puerto Rico, ‘The Problem Child’ returned for his tenth professional boxing match. Instead of facing an older retired MMA fighter, he faced the 17-2 journeyman Ryan Bourland. The fight was Jake Paul’s second in a row, where he faced a more established professional boxer than his previous foes.

Predictably, the fight was over within one round. Jake Paul walked forward and swarmed ‘The Rhino’, getting a standing TKO victory. The win didn’t impress many online, as the YouTuber-turned-boxer entered the ring upwards of -3500 betting favorite. It’s safe to say that UFC commentator Michael Bisping wasn’t pleased either.

‘The Count’ discussed Jake Paul vs. Ryan Bourland in a video recently uploaded to his YouTube channel. There, Michael Bisping tore into the YouTuber. The retired UFC fighter stated that Paul only chooses people that he knows he will beat, making him a bully. That’s the reason why he stays fighting people like Bourland, but he calls out Canelo Alvarez.

Jake Paul called out the Mexican superstar on Saturday night, but Michael Bisping believes that the YouTuber is only making the callout for headlines. Furthermore, the UFC analyst referred to the rumor that the young fighter’s most recent opponent reportedly has a job as an Uber driver.


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UFC commentator Michael Bisping slams Jake Paul’s return to the boxing ring

“Jake Paul was always destined to win this fight and you all are the suckers if you paid for this fight.” Michael Bisping stated in a video recently uploaded to his YouTube channel. “Now I know most people didn’t. Unfortunately, his opponent was utter dogs*it and couldn’t make it through one round. ‘How was he able to get it done?’ Oh, he’s just so good. He expected a second round but my god the guy did it round one!”

He continued, “I mean, this guy’s the future. Just swinging wide like an absolute maniac, leaving openings to get countered all day long against a decent boxer. But he doesn’t have that threat, because he wasn’t going up against a trained pro. He’s calling out Canelo because he knows damn well that fight’s not going to happen. Canelo Alvarez wouldn’t wipe his a*s with a Jake Paul payday.”

“[Canelo] doesn’t want circus sideshow freakshow fights. He is disrespecting the sport of boxing.” Michael Bisping concluded. “He is disrespecting all the people who worked their way up. But more importantly, he’s conning the fans. If Ryan Bourland is your next Uber driver, give him five stars and a good tip. Beating people you know you can beat, that’s called being a bully.”

What do you make of these comments about Jake Paul? Do you agree with Michael Bisping?

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