Sean O’Malley plans to make Aljamain Sterling look “stupid” with KO win at UFC 292

By Cole Shelton - August 16, 2023

Sean O’Malley is excited to make Aljamain Sterling eat his words.

Sean O'Malley

O’Malley is set to fight for the bantamweight title in the main event of UFC 292 in Boston against the reigning champion in Sterling. Heading into the fight, O’Malley is a sizeable underdog and, in the lead-up, Sterling has vowed to finish ‘Suga’ and make this his last bantamweight title fight.

However, Sean O’Malley is confident he will KO Aljamain Sterling and is excited to make him look stupid by knocking him out cold.

“I don’t really care what people say. It doesn’t really affect me. I kind of like being the underdog, being doubted. Going into this fight, I don’t have much pressure. He’s the bantamweight GOAT,” Sean O’Malley said at UFC 292 media day. “He’s on a nine-fight winning streak and he’s saying I haven’t earned the shot. How stupid will he looked when I go out there and knock him out, not even have earned being in that position, and putting his lights out. It makes him look real stupid.”

O’Malley says UFC 292 is a win-win for him

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If Sean O’Malley does get the KO win at UFC 292 as he expects, he knows he will become a massive star. However, O’Malley believes he’s in a win-win fight on Saturday no matter the result.

“Yeah, I go out there and knock him out and he goes up to 145, boom, I carry on what he was doing in the division, taking people out. He goes out there and wins and moves up to 145, I’m the last person to fight for the belt. I’m the champ either way. I like this situation. It’s a win-win for me,” O’Malley said.

Although Sean O’Malley believes he’s in a win-win spot, the hope for ‘Suga’ is to get the KO and cement himself as the bantamweight champion.

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