Modestas Bukauskas says fighting back at the Apex is a chance to “change the script,” vows to finish Zac Pauga

By Cole Shelton - June 13, 2023

Modestas Bukauskas wanted to fight in London in July but is ready for redemption at the UFC Apex.

Modestas Bukauskas

Bukauskas was re-signed by the UFC earlier this year as he took on Tyson Pedro on short notice at UFC 284. Heading into the fight, the former Cage Warriors champ was a sizeable underdog but shocked many when he pulled off a decision win.

Following the win, Bukauskas made it clear he wanted to fight in London, but to his surprise the UFC booked him to fight a month before they return to the UK.

“I am not gonna lie, I am surprised that I’m not (on the London card),” Bukauskas said on Just Scrap Radio on “There were a couple of names being thrown out and Zac Pauga actually messaged me on Twitter and said ‘yo, are you keen to throw down in June.’ I said ‘well, what about coming to London in July.’ I would have thought I earned that after going into another man’s home country and beating him on two weeks’ notice. For the UFC it made sense to have it done in Zac’s favor but I embrace the challenge of having to go overseas again.”

As well as not getting to fight in London, Bukauskas will also have to fight back at the UFC Apex. The last two times he fought at the venue he’s lost, including when he tore his knee after a leg kick from Khalil Rountree and was subsequently cut by the UFC.

Although some may be hesitant to fight there again, Modestas Bukauskas says he will embrace the challenge and plans to change the script and rewrite history.

“Hell no, I’m going out to war. This is time to rewrite history, the last two times I was there, I had losses,” Bukauskas said. “Now, it is time to change the script, it’s time to change the script and I will bring back a victory. It will be even sweeter when we go back there again, and not being given my hometown fight and beat another man in his home country.”

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When Bukauskas does make the walk to the Octagon at the Apex again, he will be taking on Zac Pauga who is coming off his first UFC win. However, Bukauskas believes he is better everywhere and is confident he has all the tools to get his hand raised at UFC Vegas 75.

“He’s good, he’s got a good skillset. He’s done very well to get to the skillset he’s at in a very short time. Having done other sports and stuff like that” Bukauskas said. “I don’t feel like anyone of his skill sets is very prominent or very outshining so this is why I feel I have the upper edge… I know I am better than this man. He does pose many threats but so do I. People still don’t know everything I can do, and it’s been a constant theme. But, slowly and surely people are seeing what I am capable of and looking forward to showing more.”

With Modestas Bukauskas being confident he is better everywhere, he not only expects to get his hand raised but rather will get a stoppage win.

“I’m going for the finish as per usual. I feel like I can go and grapple him and finish him on the floor, as do I also think I can take him stand-up-wise. I do feel like I will finish him, whether it be on the ground to finish, but I will 100% finish him,” Bukauskas added.

If Modestas Bukauskas does get the stoppage at UFC Vegas 75, he isn’t sure what that does for him. However, he says he isn’t in the same rush to fight top-15 opponents as he was in his first UFC stint, as he wants to build himself back up.

“To be honest, I will take my time. As much as I would like to be fighting top-15 and think I can beat those guys in the top-15, there are a lot of names to go through. It is all about picking them off one by one and getting your way to gold. Once it gets to the next contract negotiations, that is when I will get to the top-15,” Bukauskas concluded.

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