Michelle Waterson-Gomez explains why she’s eager to fight Gillian Robertson at UFC 303: “Having someone not being afraid to go to the ground with me”

By Cole Shelton - June 26, 2024

Michelle Waterson-Gomez is excited to fight a true grappler at UFC 303.

Michelle Waterson-Gomez

Waterson-Gomez is set to take on Gillian Robertson on the main card of UFC 303 on Saturday night in Las Vegas. The veteran is coming off a TKO loss to Marina Rodriguez back in September, and after that fight she decided to address her nose which had been broken several times and had been impacting her breathing.

“In my last fight, I broke my nose, I didn’t think I did but I guess it was broken. That put me out for a while. The doctor told me I probably broke my nose multiple times, but I never got it checked and would continue to get it broken. But, it happened in the fight and it was something the UFC was able to cover so I thought it was something I should take care of,” Waterson-Gomez said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com.

Once Waterson-Gomez was ready to return, she was booked to face Robertson at UFC 303. It’s a battle of top-15 strawweights and Waterson-Gomez is looking forward to the fight as she wants to fight a fellow grappler.

“She used to fight at 125, I know she dropped down recently, she’s had a couple of fights at strawweight and has been doing well in this division,” Waterson-Gomez said. “She is a heavy grappler which is great for me because these last couple of girls are heavy standup people who throw bombs. They don’t want to go to the ground with me, so I’m looking forward to having someone not being afraid to go to the ground with me.”

Heading into her UFC 303 fight, Michelle Waterson-Gomez is on a four-fight losing streak and is 1-6 in her last seven. However, she doesn’t think she is fighting for her job on Saturday, and that isn’t something she is even thinking about.

“Not at all. I’m very content where I am in life. I have detached myself from the outcome of any fight because I feel like I’m winning in life,” Waterson-Gomez said.

Entering the bout against Gillian Robertson at UFC 303, Waterson-Gomez believes she can control where the fight takes place which will lead to her getting her hand raised.

“I don’t think her strength is a secret, she’s a grappler. She doesn’t strike, she strikes to grapple. She tries to ride your hips, and take your back, that is her game. That is the beauty of fighting a specialist, you know what they are coming for. So, making sure we are ready for that,” Waterson-Gomez said.

If Waterson-Gomez does get her hand raised at UFC 303, she isn’t sure what would be next. But, she says the focus is just getting back in the win column.

“To me, at this point in my career, whether it is a win or lose, I’m growing as a person. A win is going to be something I’m super proud of because it has been a rough journey the last couple of years… To have my hand raised would be a testament to all the lonely nights in the shadows,” Waterson-Gomez said.

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