Michael Chandler hints at future BMF title fight against Max Holloway: “I would love to fight for that belt”

By Cole Shelton - April 16, 2024

Michael Chandler is interested in fighting for the BMF belt and facing Max Holloway in the future.

Michael Chandler and Max Holloway

On the main card of UFC 300, Holloway became the BMF champion with a highlight-reel fifth-round knockout win over Justin Gaethje. It was one of the best knockouts of all time, which impressed Chandler and has him interested in that fight in the future.

“Honestly, my first instinct, praying to God that Gaethje was going to get up and be okay. It was a tough one to see, the way he crumbled. Also, it’s one of those things where that is why we love this sport, man, that is why we love guys like Gaethje, we love guys like Holloway, I’m one of those guys,” Michael Chandler said to TheMacLife. “People are watching, onlookers are watching, Gaethje could have gone forget it, I’m going to tiptoe around for the next 10 seconds, I probably lost the fight, I think he would have been down on the scorecards. But, he goes out there, slings leather, completely reckless abandon, and gets flatlined.

“It was crazy, that was obviously the best part of the fight, the last 10 seconds. Hats off to Max. Max would be a guy I would love to fight for that belt at some point. Obviously, I got a job to take care of here in 76 days, but, man, I would love to fight for that BMF belt eventually, and the Lightweight belt as well,” Chandler continued.

As Michael Chandler says, the focus is on fighting Conor McGregor on June 29 at UFC 303. If ‘Iron’ defeats McGregor at UFC 303, he could get a lightweight title shot next time out.

But, Chandler knows before his career is up he will need to fight for the BMF title, as he believes he embodies what a BMF is.

“I mean, I don’t like to, probably my biggest downfall is I’m not the greatest self-promoter when it comes to telling people exactly who I am and how I operate. But there is nobody who embodies the BMF belt the way that they fight more than me. So, I’ll let my fighting do the talking, and I’m sure people will be talking about the BMF belt when I dispatch of Conor in June. But, we will see,” Chandler concluded.

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