Michael Bisping reminds Sean Strickland why “all bets are off” in trash talk with Ian Machado Garry

By Harry Kettle - January 5, 2024

MMA analyst Michael Bisping has weighed in on Sean Strickland’s recent war of words with Ian Machado Garry.

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Over the course of the last few weeks, Sean Strickland and Ian Machado Garry have somewhat become rivals. It started with Strickland offering his thoughts on the speculation surrounding Machado Garry’s wife, with the Irishman obviously not being too pleased about that. The two had a run-in at the UFC PI, with Strickland making it clear that he’d be willing to fight him – even though he wasn’t overly interested in doing so.

Now, Sean has had to face some adversity of his own in the wake of Dricus du Plessis throwing some personal shots at him.

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Ahead of the middleweight champion’s return at UFC 297, Michael Bisping has given his thoughts on the ordeal.

Bisping’s advice for Strickland

“That’s what he said and then on the Theo Von podcast he said you don’t talk about a man’s wife and all the rest of it so look listen, it is a little bit of a double standard issue and all the rest of it.”

“And listen, fair enough right. Sean Strickland did come out and he did talk some s*** and so Ian Garry is allowed to respond and this is all a bit of he said she said and all the rest of it but it’s drama in the fight game and we love a bit of drama, especially when the two people are going to fight.”

“Listen, I agree with Sean. Wives and children are off the table but when you start it, when you go down that path then all bets are off. The gloves are off and a lot of nasty s*** gets said.”

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