Michael Bisping reflects on knockout loss to “piece of s*it” Vitor Belfort: “The biggest known drug cheat in the history of the sport”

By Josh Evanoff - April 24, 2023

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping still isn’t fond of Vitor Belfort.

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‘The Count’ and ‘The Phenom’ headlined a UFC Fight Night in January 2013 in Brazil. In that outing, Belfort scored a second-round highlight-reel knockout win. The win was one of three consecutive finishes for the former champion, as it helped him earn a title shot in May 2015 against Chris Weidman.

Nonetheless, the knockout loss was one of the worst defeats of the Brit’s career. While Bisping later defied expectations by winning UFC middleweight gold in June 2016, he had to do with one eye. Due to a detached retina suffered in the loss to Belfort, the British fighter was diagnosed with Strabismus, a visual disorder.

Over a decade after the defeat, Michael Bisping discussed Vitor Belfort in a recent YouTube video. There, the former UFC middleweight champion slammed the Brazilian, giving him the title of the biggest drug cheat in the history of MMA. It’s hard to argue with Bisping, given that Belfort was on testosterone replacement therapy during the fight.

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping slams Vitor Belfort over 2013 fight

“This guy is everyone’s favorite Bible basher. Everyone’s favorite hypocrite, everyone’s favorite lecturer, the guy’s such a bloody piece of s*it.” Michael Bisping stated in the YouTube video discussing Vitor Belfort. “It blows my mind, and he caused me to lose an eye. That’s right, I’m talking about Vitor ‘The Phenom Hypocrite’ Belfort. The former light-heavyweight champion, heavyweight champion, middleweight contender, and the biggest drug cheat in the sport.”

He continued, “This guy is the biggest cheater in the history of combat sports, right, and it has to do with the steroids mainly. We’re not putting a ball in a basket, we’re not trying to get a ball in a net, we’re trying to knock our opponents unconscious. If you’re knowingly taking steroids all the time, I’ve got no respect for you whatsoever. You’re not respecting the sport, you’re not respecting your opponent.”

“…I had to fight him in 2013, and at that point, he was taking so many steroids his a*s was probably glowing in the dark. But it is what it is, I went down there to Brazil to fight the guy… Of course, I paid the ultimate price because I ended up losing an eyeball because of that fight.”

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