Kathleen Nelson scores KO in power outage sequence at Combat Night Pro 20

By Harry Kettle - March 24, 2021

In one of the craziest moments of the year so far in MMA, Kathleen Nelson scored a knockout at the same time as the arena’s power going out.

UFC Octagon,

The KO took place during Combat Night Pro 20 earlier this month with the event going down at Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida. A whole host of rising stars competed on the card with there being plenty of exciting activities to enjoy, but the talking point of the night really came from the fight between Kathleen Nelson and Laura Dotter.

At the precise moment that Kathleen Nelson landed her killer blow, the power in the building went out – leaving everyone feeling pretty confused and pretty excited at the same time.

“Crazy KO that shut the lights off on everyone in Orlando.
Hats off to the ref, @folsomlarry for staying focused and protecting the athletes.
You don’t see females landing KO shots like this often, looking forward to having @katnoy11 back soon!”

We’ve all seen some pretty nasty knockouts at the regional level in mixed martial arts over the years but this is pretty unique, to say the least.

Between many suggesting that Kathleen Nelson should change her name to “Lights Out” and others wanting to see much more of her, this couldn’t have been a better night for Nelson if she tried.

The Caribe Royale, on the other hand, could probably do without this kind of publicity.

In general, though, even if it’s not particularly flattering for some, this is the kind of action that is always bound to go viral. Fans are interested in seeing weird stuff go down in this sport and if this doesn’t qualify, we don’t know what does.

Is Kathleen Nelson’s knockout surprise the craziest thing you’ve seen in regional MMA? Let us know in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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