UFC 245 Results: Kamaru Usman TKO’s Colby Covington (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - December 14, 2019

The UFC welterweight title is up for grabs in tonight’s UFC 245 main event as current champion Kamaru Usman squares off with top contender Colby Covington.

Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman claimed the promotions coveted welterweight title at March’s UFC 235 event, scoring a lopsided unanimous decision victory over Tyron Woodley.

Meanwhile, Colby Covington was last seen in action at August’s UFC fight night event in Newark, where he earned a dominant decision victory over former title holder Robbie Lawler.

Round one of the UFC 245 main event begins and Covington comes out quickly and lands a low kick. Usman attempts a high kick and slips. Colby rushes forward and lands another kick. Usman replies with one of his own. Colby with a good left. The chants of “USA” fill the arena. Colby with a good low kick and then a left hand. Usman misses with a left hook. Covington with a good combination. Usman replies with a right hand and then another. Kamaru with a low kick. Covington answers with a right hand. Usman fakes a takedown and lands another good right. Colby with a kick to the body and then a right hand over the top. ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ with a right hand. Both men connect with jabs. Colby has his hands down. Colby Covington with a big left. Usman might be hurt. He attempts to clinch and land a knee. Colby breaks free. He lands a jab and then a good left hand behind it. Usman goes to the body with a kick. Colby attempts a high kick upstairs which is blocked. Covington with a good punch. Usman misses with a right but then lands a shot to the body. Kamaru with a good low kick. Colby with a flurry now. He lands a nice left. Usman is bleeding from the nose now. The champion lands a crisp jab. Colby with an inside low kick. He lands a combination to end round one.

Round two of the UFC 245 main event begins and both men attack the body with strikes. Usman with a good jab and then another. Colby lands a good left and then a follow up hook that lands. Kamaru Usman with a front kick to the body. Colby Covington lands another good jab. Both men stand and trade in the pocket. Colby with a good left and then a right. Usman is stunned. Colby with a low kick and then another left. Usman steps in with a beautiful straight right. He attempts a high kick but it is blocked. Good jabs from both men in the pocket. Usman lands a good uppercut followed by a left. Colby with a double jab. The fans are actually chanting “Colby” now. An accidental groin shot from Covington forces a break in the action. The crowd does not like that call. We restart and Colby lands a jab. Usman with a good low kick. Another crisp jab from ‘Chaos’. He is sticking and moving well here. Under one minute remains in round two. Usman with a low kick. Colby lands a nice combination. ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ lands a good bot shot. Colby lands a left hand. Usman with another good body shot. Covington felt that one. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of the UFC 245 main event begins and Kamaru Usman looks to find a home for his jab. He lands a nice front kick to the body of Covington. ‘Chaos’ comes back with a combination. Usman lands a step-in knee. Covington misses with a left hand. Both men swinging punches from the pocket. Usman lands a right hand and then a low kick. Covington lands a left jab. The champion appears to have found his range in this round. He lands another good body kick. Usman continues to press forward and lands another solid punch to the body of Covington. Colby circles out and then leaps in with a right. A nice left hook lands for Covington. Usman continues to go to the body. These shots are really slowing Colby down. Kamaru Usman with a big right hand. He tags Colby with a left jab. ‘Chaos’ replies with a slapping jab. Covington lands a head kick and Usman is rocked. He moves in with punches and Usman suggests he got poked in the eye. A replay shows he did and so it was a good break in the action. The crowd is not happy but that was the right call. We restart and Colby comes out quickly with a combination. Usman misses with a right hand. He lands a good kick to the body of Covington and then a right hand. The horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of the UFC 245 main event begins and Colby Covington told his corner between rounds he thinks he broke his jaw. With that, ‘Chaos’ comes out firing. He is swinging for the fences in hopes of a finish. The fans are chanting “Colby”. Covington with a nice combination and then a big uppercut. He is putting on a hell of a performance, both men are. Good punches by Usman now. Colby replies with a right hand. Two minutes remain in the round. Usman with another good shot to the body. Covington replies with a nice body kick. Usman counters with a right hand. Colby with a good combination and then a low kick. The heart of both these welterweight fighters. Colby Covington connects with a low kick. He goes for a high kick and just misses. Usman with a jab. Covington goes to the body. A low kick from Colby. He lands a left hand. The horn sounds to end round five.

The fifth and final round begins and Covington leaps in with a left hand. Usman lands a hard kick to the body. Four minutes remain in the fight as Covington lands a big right hand. Usman attempts to answer but misses with his punch. Covington with a good combination that ends in a left hand. Usman fires off a body shot. Three minutes remain now. The champion lands a crisp jab. Covington leaps in with a left and then a kick. ‘Chaos’ misses with a wild uppercut. Two minutes remain now. Usman just misses tagging Covington on a counter. ‘Chaos’ with a good low kick. Usman lands a stiff right hand. He attacks the body. He is turning the tide now. Covington needs an answer. Instead it is Usman with another stuff right. Colby with a left hook. Usman drops Covington with a shot. Colby is back up but Usman sends him back down. Ground shots and this is all over!

Official UFC 245 Result: Kamaru Usman def. Colby Covington via TKO in Round 5

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December 14, 2019

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