Jon Jones: “Even on my worst days i’m still winning”

By Andrew Whitelaw - October 21, 2021

Jon Jones has never been shy about giving his opinion on social media. The former UFC light heavyweight champion was embroiled in more controversy earlier this month after getting arrested in Las Vegas. Jones was subsequently told he couldn’t train at Jackson Wink MMA.

Jon Jones

The setbacks have not stopped Jones from getting the work in, and the 34 year old appears to be hitting the weights hard as he continues his journey towards a potential heavyweight fight. But after posting a video of himself doing pulldowns with a full stack on instagram, one commenter called with the handle ‘bsack1’ wrote,

“You’re only fighting to win. Legacy is bye bye.”

Jones wrote back and said;

“@bsack1 I mean making $5 million plus every time I show up to work isn’t really a bad gig either. But sure, whatever makes you feel good. Enjoy trying to kick a man while he’s down, even on my worst day i’m winning.”


‘bsack1 is not the only one to receive a clap-back from Jones on social media recently. ‘Bones’ was in the news last week after Fansided reporter, Amy Kaplan shared a DM that Jones had sent her.

The message read,

“First of all you literally look like a witch. Second of all keep my girls out of your mouth. You have no clue what’s normal to them. You’re disgusting over there judging someone else. F*** off.”

Jones is currently scheduled to appear in court on October 26. He does not currently have a fight scheduled in the UFC, and the outcome of his appearance will no doubt impact when he might return to the Octagon, or indeed, ‘if’ he’ll return.

Upon first hearing the news of Jones’s arrest last month, UFC president Dana White said he was not surprised.

“It’s like… it’s not even shocking anymore,” explained White. “When we bring him here it’s almost expected. You can’t even get him in Las Vegas for less than 12 hours to induct him into the Hall of Fame. It’s a problem. This guy’s got a lot of demons, man. A lot of demons.

“Is it really shocking anymore? It’s really not. It’s become not shocking. It’s almost like, ‘Uh oh, this guy is in Vegas, what’s gonna happen today?’ You want to hope that the guy is better and that won’t be the case, but he proves that every time he comes to this town that he can’t handle this place.”

In the wake of the incident, Jones implied the alcohol was one of the root causes for him getting into trouble and vowed to stop drinking. White subsequently commentated that the decision from Jones is ’10 years late.’

Will we see Jones back competing in the UFC this year?

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Jon Jones